About the Seminar

About the Seminar


The Third Seminar on Critical Thinking and Education for International Cooperation towards Development is inscribed within the Strategy of Education towards Development of the University Institute “IEPALA-UCM Rafael Burgaleta” and is realized within the “Social Networks Agreement from the North and the South: towards a process of education for sustainable human development (economically, socially, and ecologically), financed by the AECID.

The Seminar –as crystalization of former dynamics-, arises in 2010 with the will of creating and promoting an open space of encounter for analysis, debate, and reflection on what, for what, how, and with what results do we teach and learn around education and cooperation for development. The Seminar is directed towards and promotes the presence and participation of specialists as well as those people related and interested in cooperation and education for development: alumni and professors of post-graduate studies; of formal and non-formal education; socio-cultural community workers; NGO technicians, as well as civil servants and those responsible for educational public policies and international cooperation.

The Seminar counts with the trajectory of the development of two editions (2010 and 2012), finding itself at the present moment at the portals of the realization of its Third Edition (the 4th, 5th, and 10th of December, 2013).


The Seminar has as its objective:

The exposure and debate around what we believe are the criteria and the fundamental lines to take into account and work collectively on:

- The analysis and formation for transformative changes in Development as much as in Cooperation for Development of the peoples of the South…

- The role that should be adopted by Research Studies and Centers and in the organized civil society in those processes.

In consequence, in this framework, is it possible to think about “a something”, in a way of an organized Seminar or Workshop that serves us in a continual way as a mechanism to propose and try to give answers?.