United Nations Somalia: UN Joint Programme on Local Governance and Decentralized Service Delivery (JPLG)

19 de noviembre de 2013

In this reporting period US$8,837,048 (37%) has been disbursed against the annua l workplan and budget of US$23.8 M. Of the US$ 23.8M annual workplan and budget figure for 2011 there is now US$19.2M available or committed funds, still leaving a funding gap of US$4.6M against the 2011 annual workplan and budget.

During this quarter the JPLG team spent 458 days in Somalia with 244 in Somaliland, 191 in Puntland and 23 in south central/Mogadishu. Annex 3 of this report provides a detailed breakdown of these trips.

In this quarter a total of 611 people have been trained of which 444 were men and 167 women.

Bossaso and Galkayo district councils in Puntland have still not been reestablished which means that no LDF projects can be implemented until this happens. Bossaso is expected to be reestablished around August and hopefully Galkayo after Ramadan.

In Somaliland there has been a reshuffle of the government by the President and the Auditor General has detained district officials council members and a mayor (Burao,Gabiley), without any planned trial.

Somaliland has also decided to introduce more political associations and potential parties for the upcoming local elections. This coincides with an important JPLG initiative on gender capacity building with plans to increase women’s participation in Somaliland. The initiative is being implemented together with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs through the JPLG Gender Advisor. There is however a risk, that local elections might not be held until in 2012.

2011 project tender approvals have gone ahead in both Somaliland and Puntland. However two projects are awaiting feasibility studies and two additional projects are on hold since they are to be implemented in Galkayo and Bossaso districts which do currently not have district councils.

In Puntland all the 2010 investment projects were completed and handed over in Gardo (7 projects) and in Bosasso (2 project), in Garowe 5 of the 6 were completed and in Galkayo the two projects are still on going. In Somaliland, 40% of the 31 2010 investment projects were completed and handed over.

A new conflict management training is starting in south central Somalia which also focuses on women’s participation. Trainers have already been trained by JPLG through UN Habitat for this important activity to go ahead.

Environmental sector studies were completed in Somaliland and Puntland. Enterprise surveys have been carried out in Somaliland and Puntland and capacity assessments and administration trainings have also been done. In Adado a capacity assessment was also carried out to map the existing government structures and their functions.

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