The Provinces of Oddar Meanchey and Pailin with a large number of refugees from refugees camps in Thailand. These two provinces were the last and longest battle field between Cambodian Government Armed Force and Khmer Rouge insurgency.

Due to constant fighting, so many landmines were planted in these provinces which resulted in killing or maiming in large number of both civilian and soldiers. Moreover, heavy casualties were sustained on both sides; anti-personnel landmines in considerable numbers were used indiscriminately by the Khmer Rouge and Royal Government Armed Forces.

Since most people in rural area depend on physical labor for their livelihood, disabled people faced much difficulty. Landmine victims residing in the remote area of the country away from the major well-travelled high ways. They are often rejected and marginalized by the community. The majority due to serious wounds and amputated limbs are unable to engage in heavy farming activities, such as plowing, rice planting and harvesting etc.

In order to redress the above problems faced by landmines survivors from Pailin & Odar Meanchey, EU has made a grant through IEPALA to CWARS for 2.5 years implementation. The overall purpose of the project is to provide skill-training in income generating courses in appropriate trades in their community and to enable amputees to become economically self sufficient, accomplish the household food security and to participate fully in the life of their community. Thus regaining their self-esteem and dignity. 900 landmine victims were expected to be trained by the project and at least 85% of them will successful in their businesses.